School Rules


Students' names should be on all items (e.g., dance shoes, dance bags, etc.). The staff will assume no responsibility for lost, stolen, or misplaced items.

WAITING AREA: Please treat our facility as you would your own home. We ask that you not allow your children to run up and down the hallway. All young children must be supervised by a responsible adult. Food should not be eaten in our waiting area. Only water will be allowed in the gym and dance rooms.

VEIWING WINDOWS: The viewing windows will be open on the 1st week of each month. This providing overcrowding in the hallways does not become a factor. Visits to the viewing windows should be for short periods of time, this allowing other parents to also view their children. Sibling should not be allowed to climb on the walls of the viewing window or knock on the glass...this is very distracting for the gymnast and the coaches who need to be focused at all times.

WHY DO WE ONLY OPEN THE VIEWING WINDOWS 1 TIME A MONTH? Some children are very uncomfortable performing in front of an audience. For a child who is shy, having a large group of people staring at them could make them decide to no longer attend classes.

CLASSES MISSED: Due to illness/personal vacations are still subject to charge, however students are always welcome to schedule a makeup class providing there is an opening in a comparable age/level class. Parents should contact Pam in the office to schedule the make class. Make up class must be rescheduled with 30 days from the date of the missed class.

SNOW CANCELATION POLICY: Classes will be cancelled at Caffery's if we feel the driving conditions may put our staff and customers in a dangerous situation. If the Middletown schools are dismissed early, Caffery's will also be closed. Evening class held after 3:30pm may still be in session, depending on the conditions of the roads. Closing announcements will be posted on Channel 30. A closing notice will also be sent via email to the address provided on your registration form.

There are NO PRO-RATED FEES for missed classes or holiday breaks. There will be NO REFUNDS for classes missed. Students are always welcome to make up any class missed, due to snow cancellation, illness, and holiday vacations. A group make up class will only be providing in the event we are forced to cancel two or more classes in the same session, due to inclement weather.

TRANSFER STUDENTS: We will honor new student's 5th, 10th, 15th year awards from other schools. Please be sure to fill out your child's Award To Be Received on their registration form. Transferring students should attend Summer Intense Program to guarantee proper class placement.

Dance Performance and Gymnastics demonstration: It is NOT Mandatory to participate in our June performance and or presentation of shows. If your child chooses not to participate they will not be treated any differently than any other student.

Referral Program: We greatly appreciate your recommendations as word of mouth is our best form of advertisement. We would like to express our sincere appreciation by offering you a $30.00 credit for every referral you send our way! Guideline: Only your name must appear on your friend's registration form, your name must appear on the line which reads How did you hear about us? _______________. Credit will not be applied if multiple names appear on this line. Credits will be applied to your account upon referee's paid and completion of 3 months of classes. Referrals cannot be added after the registration form reaches our office. Only one credit per family will be offered. Example: If a family of 3 registers you will receive one credit. Cash may not be exchanged for credit. (Parent /Child credit $10.00)

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