Frequently Asked Questions


How old should my child be before they can start dance/gym?

Your child should be three years old.


What classes do you offer for a pre –school - k student?

Tap & Ballet: 30 min class

Combination, tap, ballet & gymnastic: 1 hour class

Gymnastics: 45 min class.


Is it better for my child to start with dance or gym?

I would suggest the combination class.  A three year old really doesn’t know the difference between dance or gymnastics. The reason why I offer a combination class is to give the child a opportunity to experience both. 


How long is a class?

Classes vary in time depending on the age and the ability of the student. 


How many times a week are the classes?

A beginner student will most likely dance once a week. If a beginner student takes more than one class, we try to schedule the classes back to back.


Will my 5 year old be put in a beginner class with an 11 year old beginner?

No. We are fortune enough to have many students, thus allowing us to be able to group them according to age and level.


How many students are in a class

This depends on the class. A pre-school class may have 10-12 students enrolled with one head teacher, one jr. teacher and a students assistant. A gymnastic class will have 12-15 students with one head coach, 2 assistants and a student teacher. The group is divided in 3 stations leaving each teacher with five students in a station. All other classes will have 10-12 students with one head teacher and one assistant (if the teacher feels students need extra help she will bring in another assistant.)


Who teaches the classes?

At Caffery’s, your child will not have a teenage instructor. Your child will have only instructors who have studied and trained with Ms. Maureen. It is mandatory that all instructors teach with Ms. Maureen for 2 years before they are allowed to conduct a class on their own.


Is there a contract required?

No. You are only committed for 4 weeks. A written withdrawal or email is required to stop your billing cycle. You are responsible until we receive this. Phone messages are not accepted for withdrawal. PAYMENTS ARE DUE ON EVERY 5th CLASS  and pre-payment for the month prior. You will receive a payment schedule, and reminders are posted in the school.


What if my child is shy? 

If your child is shy, parents are welcome to come in and dance/gymnastic with their child to make them more comfortable. Usually it takes a couple weeks before they are running into class without looking behind!!


Where do I wait?

We have a parents waiting area. We ask that you keep it clean. No food is allowed in the waiting area. 


Do you have a dress code?

Recreational classes have no dress code. We do have requirements, such as leotard, tights, and proper shoes. Long hair must always be in a pony tail or a bun.

What kind of shoes will my child need?

 Please refer to the 'attire link' on this website where you will find shoe and leotard requirements.

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