Birthday Parties


We offer parties which can include any variety of dance, gym, or cheer activities

When food is being served, we will set up your tables and chairs in advance. When you arrive, you may add your tablecloths, silverware, plates, food, and drink items.

Please Do: Arrive 15-20 minutes ahead of scheduled time. Be punctual, another party may follow yours. 

Suggestions: Juice boxes, pizza, and cake work best with the children.   

Reminder: Don't forget your cake knife, candles, and camera. We do not supply this!

Each party is supervised and lasts one and a half hours. The party will start in the dance room with pizza, cake, and presents. This usually lasts 30 minutes.  Afterwards, we take the children into the gym for one hour of gym time and dance activity, if requested. (While the children are in the gym, we suggest that the parents clear the food area and take the presents to their vehicle.) When the gym hour comes to an end, we have the children form a circle and let the birthday child pass out the party favors (if any).
Please have your guests wear comfortable clothing suitable for gym or dance activity.


Birthday Party Fees: 

  • Inside Party: Birthday child and 10 friends: $175.00 / ($7.00 for each additional child)

  • Outside Party: Birthday child and 10 friends: $200.00 / ($10.00 for each additional child)

  • ($50.00 for each additional half hour or any part of.)




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