About Us


At Caffery's you will find a staff of professional and caring instructors interested in each child's progress. We are dedicated to teaching your child the very best.  We will make every effort possible to ensure that their experience with us is a special one

Mrs. Maureen Caffery Aresco, Owner and Director

"My philosophy is that each child has fun and develops confidence within themselves. We try to create a special bond with each child; establishing trust and making them realize how special they are."

Motivate and Challenge. Here is the area where my staff and I excel. Each and every child is unique. The way we motivate one child might be entirely different from another. Every child will get the same attention and our staff will find what works best to motivate and challenge each and everyone. 

We try our best to place students in appropriate classes to their age and experience. If we feel that your child has been placed in a class in which he/she will not be challenged, we will reassign them to another. Sometimes the student may need just a little extra help in a more challenging level; we will be sure to find a way to provide him/her with the extra help.

No child wants to feel behind, lost, or confused, nor does a child want to be bored. At Caffery's, we feel that if we instruct the students in a positive, patient manner, we can continue to progress their level. Our students thrive on the challenge and happily arrive at their comfort level of dance and gymnastics!  

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