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Scoring 298.4 out of 300 points!
“A Little Party” Advanced Jazz

Choreographer: Ms. Ashlee Harvey
Dancers: Adrianna Aresco, Ashley Ghent, Gina Palmieri, Kaitlyn Charton, Kaitlyn Tomer, Lauren Billings


We are excited to announce that once again, Caffery’s Dance Team for the 2nd year in a row was named the 2015 National Dance Champions!!! Caffery’s Dance Team members were also the proud recipients of the prestigious TNT Award. This award entitles Caffery’s Dance Team to perform on tour, along with the Mayor of New York in his “2015 National Anti-Bullying Campaign.”

Our final award presented to Caffery’s Dance Team was being recognized as "The Dance Studio who always brings the total package to the stage...” Expression and Grace of Lyrical, Entertaining and Sassy Jazz, Intense and hard hitting Hip Hop and the Clear and Powerful Tap. Congratulations to our Dance Team and our dedicated staff for a job well done!!! 2016 Nationals will be held July 24th at Foxwoods Casino and Resorts. We hope you will come cheer us on!

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Welcome to Caffery's Dance and Gymnastics School. We have provided dance and gymnastics instruction in Middlesex County for over a quarter of a century. Our school is family owned and operated. Each child at our school becomes an extended member of our family. Our unique teaching programs make dance and gymnastics fun. We do not only focus on professional and competitive teams. All students, whether recreational or professional receive the same attention and recognition they deserve.         

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